Bruce Gernand, Festina Lente / Make Haste Slowly

Cover of publication: Bruce Gernand, Festina Lente / Make Haste Slowly
published by Beeldenstorm / Daglicht
funded by Arts Council England
Interview with Josine Bokhoven and Bruce Gernand, Galerie Josine Bokhoven, Amsterdam, 2004

JB: The group of works based on the theme “Festina lente” which are now on show in the gallery were made during your stay in the Gastatelier Beeldenstorm /Daglicht in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in March and April 2004. What was the use of working in those workshops instead of having a good session in your own studio in Garboldisham?

BG: Well, I’m very attached to my studio.

JB: Like the tortoise.

BG: However, to offset this rootedness, it’s also good to work in a different environment. Another kind of intensity. An artist residency really ought to provoke a reassessment of habits and attitudes. On a practical level, I don’t have foundry or printmaking facilities which B/D provide. Unexpectedly, the space of the studio had an effect. Although I had this particular theme I wanted to work with, how these objects evolved was partly in response to that space.

JB: I saw your end-presentation in …

Published by Beeldenstorm / Daglicht
Funded by Arts Council England