Bruce Gernand, Coded Chimera

Exploring relationships between sculptural form making and biological morphogenesis through computer modelling

Initially inspired by the work of biologist D’Arcy Thompson’s transformational grids, the research journeys into the realms of biological dynamics to develop new sculptural forms. Using scans of animal specimens and new software tools developed for me by the Cambridge Computer Lab, I have morphed and blended digital meshes of different species to convey qualities of fluidity and mutability.

The convergence of the zoological form and computational strategies is guided by a rather un-scientific and poetic concept: the chimera, a composite of different animal features which make a link with a long tradition in art where paradoxical conjunctions represent psychological integrations.

A catalogue published by Crucible Network (available from this site) accompanies the exhibition.

Published by Crucible Network
Funded by AHRC

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