About this site

“If sculpture is concerned with animate form, it is expressed through a tension between its stillness and gesture.”

This site presents a selection of sculptures made since 1989. These are arranged chronologically and according to different projects, and can be viewed mainly as an archive.

Much Of The Work Was Produced During Fellowships And Residencies; The Henry Moore Foundation Fellowship (HMFF 92-94), Residencies At The European Ceramics Workcentre In Holland (EKWC.97, EKWC. 01, and 2007, see Collaborations in menu); and as Artist In Residence At Beeldenstorm/Daglicht, Eindhoven, Holland, 2004.

Some projects have associated publications. Extracts from these publications can be accessed from each project’s page or from the ‘Texts and Publications’ section. In other cases the texts on the site that relate to individual projects come from conference papers, etc. Images included on the site for each project range from pictures of final works, installation images and, for some projects, images of the process of making. These are titled ‘process’ and are images of work-in-progress including digital images of 3D modelling.